The purpose of this Strategic Framework is to establish the overall strategic direction of the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) for the years 2014 - 2016. It is an essential tool for AIHR’s Board of Directors and Staff Members as it provides the guide for these core working groups to make choices about programs’ direction, set fundraising priorities, allocate the use of human and financial resources, and develop long-term action plans. Good governance by the Board of Directors, leadership and management from the staff members, and the groups’ voluntary contributions will enable us to thrive.

Successful implementation of this Strategic Framework, that conveys the message of Human Rights Culture for Change, will help AIHR to promote human rights and democracy in the Arab region which is witnessing a massive change that entitles us, as human rights promoters and defenders, to keep human rights at the core of these changes. Human rights violations, especially degrading the human dignity, curbing the freedoms, as well as neglecting people’s socio-economic rights, were the incentive of the revolutions. We believe that education is one of the very best tools that could position human rights at the heart of the transition through effective human rights based approach programs that could reach the diversified communities in the Arab region. AIHR is an institute for promoting human rights and democracy in the region.

Several examples prove how AIHR has been comprehensively responding, through human rights promotion and education, to the movement of change that started from Tunisia, where the headquarters of AIHR exists. This which has inspired us a lot while planning for the upcoming three years (2014 – 2016), where we set out the following four strategic approaches:

• Supporting the Sustainability and Effectiveness of Human Rights Civil Society Organizations and Programs

• Developing Educational Policies that are Based on Human Rights,

• Modeling Human Rights Popular Education, and

• Supporting the Processes of Reforming Institutions and Frameworks.

It is noteworthy to mention that the major assumptions of change were built into the present framework, however, AIHR will regularly review them, and where necessary, the document will be revised.

With this Strategic Framework, and its successful implementation, we believe that AIHR will be working with more diverse, alongside greater numbers of organizations, institutions and individuals in the Arab region. It will strengthen and increase AIHR’s role as catalyst in transmitting innovate models that bring the concepts of “Human Rights for All” and “Human Rights in the Heart of Change” into application. This will bring us closer to our hope that partners and beneficiaries view AIHR as a leading organization for human rights education models, and democracy policies developer and promoter. We are confident to fulfill these hopes in pursuit of our core mission that is as compelling as it was twenty-four years ago, to disseminate human rights culture and support human rights education as well as civil society organizations in the Arab region.

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  • A Human Rights Culture Space for All
    Posted on 18-04-2014
      The 1650 squared meters building is located in a marginalized poor and over populated locality named Essaida. In its northern part, Essaida Neighborhood is adjacent to another similar neighborhood called El Hilal. Whereas the southern part continues to Martyrs Neighborhood that is separates from the El Wardia Neighborhood by the Martyrs Cemetery. In its eastern part, Essaida Neighborhood falls on the boarders of the residential district...

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